Can I have FireScope restart IIS when a web app isn't responding?

We have a problem that keeps cropping up periodically where a website stops responding.  We think there's something going on with the app pool, and our developers are investigating.  In the meantime, we know that every time it happens all we have to do is recycle IIS.  It's really tedious to log into the server and do this manually every time this happens, is there any way for FireScope to do this for us?

  • As long as you are absolutely sure that the restart is what you want every time, then use a notification of type "Remote Command".
    This, as long as there is an agent on the referenced machine, will execute any command you give it (provided the agent has the authority). In this case, if you are monitoring the health of your website, perhaps via a User Experience Check, and find this challenge, just make a notification that picks up that event and the procedure part should be remote command :