New enhancements to Cherwell Service Management CMDB integration

FireScope's integration with Cherwell Service Management CMDB continues to improve, thanks in large part to feedback from customers that rely on the combined solution to bring clarity to service topology. And with Cherwell's Global Conference in full swing, now's a good time to highlight a few of our most recent enhancements.

First, we recently rolled out granular attribute mapping based on CI type, enabling users to specify which profile attributes in FireScope Stratis should be sent to CSM CMDB. This means that any attribute of a Configuration Item captured by FireScope can be sent over to CSM. Want the serial numbers of your switches in the CMDB? Simply capture it by SNMP from FireScope Stratis and map to the appropriate attribute you want it stored in CSM. Want the serial number, model and manufacturer from your Windows servers? Capture the data via WMI calls from FireScope and map to your ConfigServer CI type in CSM. Since FireScope has a rather large array of data collection protocols available, the only data we can't grab is from an unplugged system.

Next, we revamped how the integration matches with existing CIs in the CMDB. After numerous customer implementations, we recognized that the only thing consistent across CMDBs is a lack of consistency. With multiple sources feeding data into the CMDB, you can't always rely on serial numbers or MAC addresses being populated. Even CI names can be questionable, as some systems record the fully qualified domain name, while others may just use the host name. In our new approach, users can define a series of matching rules that use a combination of any of the fields in CSM. That includes custom attributes. For example, I may have my highest priority rule match serial numbers and hostname, followed by a second rule that matches IP address and host name. This way, if I have a server that doesn't have the serial number populated in CSM, we would fall back to the second rule and still find the existing CI. This goes a long way toward avoiding a CMDB with thousands of duplicate CIs!

Got an idea for how we can further improve our integration with Cherwell Service Management? Then head over to the Enhancement Requests section and share your thoughts!