Business Outcomes are the Milestones to IT Strategy in Healthcare:

CIOs and IT leaders are struggling with aligning IT strategy to business outcomes and how to bridge the gap between business users and IT. This challenge eventually leads to business users looking for solutions outside of internal IT to accomplish business goals, often times subscribing to SaaS and IaaS based solutions and effectively operating a shadow IT. For a CIO required to stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI and other regulations, a shadow IT becomes a liability and risk for the organization. 

The potential acquisition of Aetna by CVS can dramatically change the entire spectrum of how healthcare will be delivered in the future with complex IT and regulatory requirements.

Americans spend an average of $255 billion on branded medications each year, with another $115 billion going for generics and CVS is one of the largest players in that field.

While the idea of CVS acquiring Aetna is to provide affordable and easier to access healthcare, this goal will be difficult to achieve with two very different technical infrastructures that will not easily integrate.

Here are key challenges any healthcare CIO, IT leaders and business leaders face today:

  • U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance.
  • HITRUST Security Framework by Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).
  • Complete view of legacy home-grown applications and its dependency on complex hybrid infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive discovery of full-stack hybrid infrastructure to identify the healthcare-critical applications that are key driver to organization's performance.
  • Understanding the cost of outages and how to predict and avoid outages.
  • A Platform that aligns the delivery of healthcare-critical services to organizations performance.
  • Application Modernization and HIPAA compliant Cloud Migration Strategy.

In a highly regulated and complex healthcare IT environment, identifying healthcare-critical services that include applications, servers, databases, storage, network, cloud, virtualization is critical to monitor outages and defining the performance on how IT is delivering a critical healthcare service that is contributing to the organization's goals. Over the past decade FireScope has deployed and provided solutions to healthcare and insurance providers providing deeper insight into complex healthcare IT and organization performance.

FireScope Stratis is purpose-built to provide outcomes on how a healthcare-critical service is performing against the organizations goals.

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