Mitigating the Risk Factors of Migrating to the Cloud…

Consistently over the past five years, industry analysts rank cloud migrations and datacenter upgrade projects in the top 10 initiatives for the year.  Yet, we regularly talk to IT organizations that have only made marginal progress on cloud initiatives.  Lack of visibility and associated risk is cited as the primary reasons they don’t commit to moving these services to the cloud rapidly.  Critical IT services are still left on-premise by most organizations and projects slowed and expensive due to this risk, however, the IT organization is still being tasked to perform these transformations within critical timelines..

Why is there so much risk involved with cloud migrations?  In our experience, it comes down to a critical lack of knowledge of the total enterprise and its service dependencies.  Most organizations have little to no documentation of service topologies, and when there is, the accuracy is in doubt because it required manual efforts to piece together, or multiple tools not assembling the comprehensive data sets required for migration.  This is especially true the longer a service has been operational, since most documentation is only generated at implementation and then de-prioritized.  Meanwhile, the applications get customized, scaled and upgraded to the point that the original documentation is a poor reflection on the current state; and, affecting business continuity if migrated.

There are two ways to lower this risk and meet deadlines safely.  The first option is to throw manpower at the problem, assigning staff or expensive consultants to console into each system to investigate configuration and connectivity.  Unfortunately, it could take months to refresh old documentation, by which time the new documentation is probably no longer accurate.  And, the bigger you are the more at risk you become due to the complexity.  This is also a colossal expense to IT organizations in terms of time and distraction, let alone performance and continuity requirements. 

The alternative option is something we’ve been working on here at FireScope.  What if we could accelerate your cloud migration efforts by providing clear insight into service dependencies?  And what if we could get it installed and running  in just a few days? Interested?  If so, be one of the first to be part of  our ‘sneak-peek’ into the latest innovation at FireScope;  we’d be happy to show you. Please Register Here