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Dependency Overview

To view Dependency Overview page click on Configuration > Service Dependency > Dependency Overview. Dependency Overview page with Grid view will be displayed.

Dependency Overview.png

Overview page is divided into three section.

Business Services

This section shows all the business services(with pending changes) where a change in its Dependent CI Relationships has changed...either a Pending Add or a Pending Deletion. Clicking on one of these Business Services will direct you to the Dependency Editor Map where you can approve or reject the pending changes.


This area describes the total number of Business Services and Configuration Items that exist in the environment which the user can access.Note: Clicking on the Business Services number will take you to the Service Groups page

Third Section:

Cherwell Integration (Licensed Feature) this area describes the number of Business Services that are Linked to a Cherwell Business Service, and the number of CIs that are Linked to a Cherwell CMDB Item. These numbers are a subset of the numbers represented in the Configuration section of the Firescope Stratis Overview page.

Table View

Table View.png