Liebert CRV air conditioning unit. SNMP metrics list tenths of degrees as whole number.

This may be a little complicated to explain, but here goes...

The Liebert shows info of Return temp and humidity as well as Supply temp and humidity.


This information is available via SNMP OIDs


This information is reported in tenths of degrees.


So far, not too complicated.
I can either perform a calculation at the attribute, or a new/separate calculated attribute.

There are times where the sensor may not respond right. The status according to the web page is "Unavailable".
The SNMP value of this is 2147483647

Not too bad. I can use value translation to convert this to Unavailable.

The pain is on the FireScope display/dashboard.
I would want to display this as 27.5. Sounds good. Looks good.
The problem is whenever a calculation is performed on the attribute value, it turns it into a Float. You can't value-tranlsate Floats :-(

So, in the display/dashboard, I will see 214748364.7%

Not very pretty. I would prefer it to say Unavailable... Even if I set a value translation of 214748364.7=Unavailable, ... but I can't because it doesn't work on Float.


I could report the temperature in tenths (275), but that isn't very friendly.

Has anyone else dealt with the Liebert CRVs and/or have suggestions for displaying this information?