Cherwell integration for FireScope shows backup nic card instead of primary nic .

Using FireScope DDM to discovery the network at our facility,  we run into a problem after the host is discovered.   We open the Cherwell integration and we get the backup nic card IP Address.  It does not show the primary IP address in the Cherwell integration application.  It is very important to our team and support for alerting to get the correct IP Address assigned, not the backup.  I was just wondering if anyone has had or is having this issue.  I am new to the product and was reaching out to get some information. 

  • I've seen this happen from CIs brought into FireScope from the VMware integration. VMware's API reports the first IP that was configured for the VM; so if the backup IP was the first IP assigned to the VM when it was created, then that is the IP that the API lists. FireScope support can aid in ensuring the correct IP is assigned.
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    First of all, thanks for the reply. :) I thought there should be a way, yes it is the ESX assigned backup Nic Card that is first assigned. By the time Cherwell support sees it, it still has the Backup Nic Card IP. We want to change this to the hosts primary Nic Card IP. Thanks again for the reply. I will send this up to support and see if can get this resolved.