How does FireScope do event suppression?

I've tried Solarwinds, NewRelic and about a dozen other tools, but they all flood me with alerts anytime a single switch or router goes down.  So, how do I prevent this with FireScope?

  • You should have a look at dependencies, they will do exactly what you need
  • In reply to MattG:

    The problem with dependencies is that they cannot be created or modified with a script. We have, for instance, 550 retail outlets. If I want to make CI's at the store depend on the switch being up I am looking at a number of days of work manually slogging through them with the GUI. And then maintaining it each time a store is added or a device is added etc. I can script the creation of all of the devices without any problem, but not the dependency. I can sort of replicate the functionality with AED's which I can script but they are not ideal for a couple of reasons.

    Adding the ability to create dependencies with REST would be a big improvement. As it stands now dependencies are really not something that we can use.