AWS attributes

I was curious about the ability to use AWS attributes for anything other than EC2 - i.e. RDS, S3, EBS, etc.  After testing this in our dev VPC it appears from way the Firescope AWS attribute is designed it will not work with anything other than EC2.  Is this a correct assumption?  If so it is a little disappointing and an underwhelming integration for AWS.

  • Out of the box, the focus is on EC2. Could you elaborate on what you are trying to collect/monitor as there may be a way to capture the relevant data? You can also email me offline if you like.
  • In reply to rcounts:

    We are quickly moving to a hybrid cloud environment and desire the same level of monitoring for DB's, storage, hosts - regardless of where they are located - whether a VM in vSphere, physical or cloud based. So to answer your question on what we are trying to monitor in AWS - everything that is deployed there.